‘I’m worried about having too many people there, do I have to have both Ella and David at my Wedding or Civil Partnership?’

We work best as a team but the most important thing is always that you are comfortable- do get in touch and we can try to find a way of working that suits you.

‘I don’t live in Surrey or Berkshire, can I still book Fourth Left for my photography?’

Yes! We are based in the tri-counties area so we are also close to Hampshire and love photographing all three counties. If your location is within 30 miles of either of our bases in Farnham, Surrey or Sandhurst, Berkshire, we do not charge travel costs, even if we cross a county border. Our nearest big towns are Reading and Guildford and we’re also really close to lots of the Surrey villages, such as Church Crookham and Odiham and familiar with our local towns, which include Aldershot, Fleet, Camberley and Godalming to name but a few-all of these incur no extra travel costs. Don’t be put off though if your wedding or civil partnership is in, say, Somerset or Southampton-if you like our work and feel we’re the right photographer for you we will do our best to accommodate and we try to keep our travel costs as low as possible. If in doubt get in touch and we’ll talk it through with you.

‘I’d like to have two photographers at my Wedding/Civil Partnership, is this possible?’

Again, the most important thing is that you are happy with your photographer. We do have another photographer we occasionally work with and we can work out a bespoke package for you, depending on availability. Alternatively we are happy to work alongside another photographer of your choice, however you are responsible for ensuring that both photographers know what their role is and for enabling us to make contact where necessary.

We’ve been together ages, we love each other very much but we’re not teenagers and we don’t want to do all that lovey dovey stuff for our photographs, it’s just not us. We’d feel a bit silly, will our photographs be boring if we don’t?

Absolutely not! We won’t make you do anything you’re not comfortable with and it’s our job to capture what’s beautiful about your relationship, so just show it to us as it really is on the day. We don’t want to give people pictures that look forced or the same as everyone else’s so your own individual way of interacting with one another, quirks and all, is really important. We will discuss how your want your photography to run at your consultation but if you’re really not sure yet you can give us a call and Ella will be happy to talk it through with you even if you haven’t decided you want to book us yet-and she won’t put any pressure on you to make a booking at the time.

‘How quickly will I get my photos?’

We aim to send you a few images by email within 3 days of your ceremony so that you have something to look at and show people. The rest of your photographs will usually be ready within 3-4 weeks and will be sent to you on a USB stick.

‘Do you offer Wedding/Civil Partnership albums?’

At the moment we do not offer photograph albums as we aim to make our photography packages as affordable as possible. We hope to be able to offer this at some point in the future.

‘How do I book you for my Wedding/Civil Partnership?’

Your booking is secure once you have paid a 50% deposit and signed and returned our contract. The deposit is unfortunately non-refundable. We ask that the remaining balance is paid at least 4 weeks before the booking date.

‘My family don’t all get on, how will you make sure there are no disagreements during the photographs?’

We work closely with all our couples to make sure we know as much as possible about you and your guests in advance and we are usually able to be creative to make sure you get photographs of everybody who is important to you.

‘What is your style of photography?’

At Fourth Left we use a mixture of reportage and staged portraits and it is entirely up to you how much of each you have. Some couples prefer to have mainly reportage with a short staged portrait session just of them, others like to have a set of more traditional portraits with all the different family and friend groups, others prefer no staged portraits at all. Most people change their minds about what they want on the day, usually adding in a few more staged portraits than they’d planned, this is absolutely fine.

‘I don’t want a photographer bossing my guests about and stopping us from enjoying ourselves.’

Your day has to run the way you want it, so in your pre-Wedding/Civil Partnership consultation we will discuss how you want the photography managed if you are having staged portraits – if you are only having reportage this shouldn’t be a problem. There are several options, from calling and organising your guests yourselves, to nominating a guest, asking Ella to do this or a combination. We can help you weigh up the pros and cons of each to find a solution you are happy with and we can change our approach on the day if you change your mind.