Pet Photography

If you’re an animal lover your pets are a part of your family, but does that mean they sit still, smile and have their picture taken? No, it usually doesn’t! At Fourth Left we prefer to take photos where our subjects-human, canine, feline or anything else-are at their most comfortable. For our dog, Sammy, this means haring about on the common covered in mud, so that’s where we took his photo.

Capturing Dogs, Cats And Just About Any Pet

We talk to you before your shoot to find out where your pet likes to be and then we come and see you there. If your cat likes to laze about on the sofa it’ll be nice and warm-lovely, if your dog likes chasing sticks we’ll go somewhere with space for that and get you some action shots. All you have to do is make sure they’re there, which might mean locking the cat flap for a while as cats have an almost psychic ability to be out when they’re needed.

Some Examples of Our Pet Photography

Pet & Child Photography Combined

You know your pet best so we make sure to involve you from the start and always aim to capture the way you and your pet interact. We can combine our pet photography with our children’s photography skills so that the whole family can get involved. We’ll talk to you about who you want in which shots beforehand but can adapt on the day-you may want to be in all the pictures together, just a few or none at all.

Some animals, like Sammy, will lap up the attention of a photo shoot and pose for the camera for hours, but others get bored or tired easily. Our pet packages last one or two hours, which should be all we need to get some great pictures without wearing you or your pet out.

Afterwards we will either send you a selection of the best images printed to a high standard by our professional printers, or you can chose to receive your images on a USB with print rights so you can print as many as you like.

Getting Started With Pet Photography

We’re based in Farnham in Surrey and cover a 20-mile radius into Hampshire & Berkshire. If you’re interested in commissioning some truly captivating photographs of your pet then the first step is to get in touch with us with a few details about you. From that point, we can answer any questions you might have and hopefully arrange to pay you and your pet a visit.