Never work with children. Or always work with children. Or something…

So we’ve recently begun focussing on family photography as well as weddings, and you know all those things that make life way more difficult than it needs to be as a parent?  Yeah, all of that!

And you know all those things that make life wonderful and hillarious and make you feel pretty sure that, while all parents think their kids are better than everyone else’s, yours actually are?  Yeah, all of that too.  Mostly that.

Kids make the best photos, preferably when left to their own devices, which suits us down to the ground.  A bit of playing, 5 minutes staged portraits just to make sure, muck about a bit more, take photos the entire time.  Bish bash bosh, job done! Good time had by all!

A while back we took a booking for our new mini-package, a portrait shoot in the woods at Ash Ranges, a gorgeous woodland site, which we were flattered to get through recommendation.  Philippa contacted me and said they wanted some natural shots of the kids, especially their small boy who’s life to date, in true second child style, is mainly recorded in phone pictures.  He’s not particularly co-operative, we were told, and despite being a very happy little soul photos of him smiling are rare.

He is 2.

Which means he has a tendency to do this.


Big sister was repeatedly asked not to do her ‘posy face’ by her parents.


It’s safe to say she is not camera shy.

Want natural shots, reportage only?  Kids are gonna have an issue with that.

But we will get them!


Want staged portraits for granny’s birthday present?  Kids are gonna have an issue with that.

But we WILL get them!


Want to spend an afternoon being paid to take pictures of a family enjoying themselves in beautiful woodland, knowing-despite all attempts at sabotage- that these photos are going to be incredible?  Well, you can’t! It was our job and IT WAS AWESOME!