Men and weddings. Before you ask, the answer is no…

The following may be a list of stunningly accurate generalisations, a source of inspiration for engaged couples across the country or a source of inspiration for engaged men across the country and a massive headache for their fiancees.  You can make you’re own mind up, but all these are actual things I have been asked by real men in the planning stages of a wedding.

And the answer to all of them is usually no…

1. You may not refer to the wedding party as your ‘MVPs’ on the programme

2. It will not ‘be like the video for November Rain’

3. The following will not be themes for your wedding: Lego, Starwars, Dr Who, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica (original or remake), Game of Thrones.  Unless you happen to meet a woman like Hayleigh who plans a surprise Lego starwars themed wedding reception.  If you have one like that bring the wedding date forward before she gets away.

Table names and cake toppers. You'll be lucky!

Table names and cake toppers. You’ll be lucky!


4. It’s not ‘just a dress’.  Seriously guys, you’re not gonna win this one, don’t even go there.  And you can’t help choose the underwear, you’ll get what you’re given!

5. You may not do that thing where you smoosh cake into one another’s faces.  Don’t save it as a surprise on the assumption she’ll think it’s funny cause you saw it in a film once-it’s one of many things film makers have told you women like that they’ve lied about.  Ahem.

6. Anything you’ve seen on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’  If you haven’t seen it, watch an episode.  Then don’t suggest any of that stuff.

Happy planning people!