About Us

Fourth Left is run by husband and wife team Ella and David and we take a slightly different approach to your wedding, civil partnership or family photography to most other photographers. When we say ‘husband and wife team’, that’s what we mean- team. We’re not two photographers who work together, flitting about doing separate things, we’re one photographer and one manager.

Here’s how it works…

David is what you might call ‘the talent’; a professional artist for 18 years he’s got an eye for what makes a good picture and he’s choc full of technical know-how. For wedding photography you will usually meet him before the ceremony so you won’t have to stop proceedings to consult with the photographer before he can get started.

David’s job on the day is to get pictures, end of. He puts his eye to that view finder and the only thing he’s focused on is capturing as much of what’s happening as he possibly can before it’s time to leave. We’ll usually be there before the groom if we’re not photographing your Bridal or Groom prep, so that David can work out his camera settings and we don’t hold things up during the ceremony.

David’s a friendly bloke but tries to make himself as unobtrusive as possible so that if you’re having a lot of reportage guests don’t notice him too much.

If you’ve booked us for family photography David will usually have a chat to the kids about his ‘big Nasa lens’ before we start.   We always allow a few minutes extra to make sure children are able to feel relaxed and be themselves during your family photoshoot and not spend the whole time wondering who these two weirdos with the camera are.

Afterwards, once Ella’s done her thing, he will post process your photographs so you can really see why you didn’t just get your mates to do it on their phones.

Ella does everything else you can think of and then some. She’s the person you’ll speak to when you make your booking and the one who’ll try to wheedle information out of you to give us an idea of who you are and what you like. She’ll remember to check the stuff you’d completely forgotten about in all the chaos, and be on hand to answer questions at any point in the run up to your day.

On the day Ella can to do as much or as little organising as you want and will also act as general dogs-body to David so that he can focus on the camera work- she’ll be the one hobbling home afterwards because she’s been lugging the equipment around all day. Ella lends a woman’s eye for detail, spotting when Great Grandma’s holding the baby, when the best man hasn’t got his shirt tucked in or delving into her box of tricks to keep the children entertained while they have their picture taken.

Afterwards she starts the long task of sifting through all your photographs to find the best ones for David to post process, including picking out a few to email you straight away in the case of wedding photography

So that’s us. Tell us about you…

Our Favourite Wedding Websites…

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